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Company Introduction

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Company Introduction

Colorkem Ltd. is the solely invested company of Colorcom Group. Colorcom Group is a revolutionary global company specializing in international business, with facilities and operations all over the world. Colorcom Group manages and controls a group of subsidiary companies, embracing a broad complex of capabilities in Chinese chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Colorcom Group is always interested in the acquisition of other manufacturers or distributors in relevant areas.

Colorkem focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of chemicals, nutrition ingredients, life science ingredients, flavor and fragrance ingredients, food and feed additives, agrochemicals, organic fertilizers, healthcare ingredients, anti-aging ingredients, cosmetic raw materials, biology raw materials, biochemical reagents, chemistry intermediates, Chinese medicines, seaweed extracts, plant and animal extracts, API and pharmaceutical, etc.

Medkem is a sister company of Colorkem and is dedicated to providing medical and biochemistry solutions worldwide. Medkem is committed to the innovation for life science technology and now it is a premium global manufacturer for IVD products and raw materials. “SinoTests” is a proud brand of Medkem for global markets for In Vitro Diagnostic rapid test kits.

No Fancy Advertisements. Our Key Business Velues: Quality, Service, Innovation.

Colorkem and Medkem tailor solutions to unique customer needs and bring newest ideas and the latest technology to the market to achieve customer satisfaction and even exceed customer expectation. Welcome to contact us to achieve win-win partnerships with each other.