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  • New Product N,N-Dimethyldecanamide to replace GENAGEN 4296

    New Product N,N-Dimethyldecanamide to replace GENAGEN 4296

    Colorcom Launches Innovative Product N,N-Dimethyldecanamide same as GENAGEN 4296 from Clariant.  Product: N,N-Dimethyldecanamide CAS Number: 14433-76-2 Molecular formula: C13H25NO Molecular weight: 199.33 Appe...
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  • Organic And Inorganic Pigments

    Pigments are primarily of two types: organic pigments and inorganic pigments. Pigments absorb and reflect a certain wavelength of light which gives them their color. What Are Inorganic Pigments? Inorganic pigments are made up of minerals and salts and are based on oxide, sulfate, sulfide, carbona...
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  • The Composition and Function of Potato Protein

    The character index of potato protein is grayish-white color, light and soft smell, no peculiar smell, fine and uniform particles. Studies have shown that potato protein is a complete protein, consisting of 19 amino acids, with a total amount of 42.05%. The amino acid composition of potato protei...
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  • Global Pigment Market to Reach $40 Billion

    Recently, Fairfied Market Research, a market consulting agency, released a report saying that the global pigment market continues to be on a steady growth track. From 2021 to 2025, the compound annual growth rate of the pigment market is about 4.6%. The global pigments market is expected to be va...
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  • Cost and Supply Drive the Butadiene Rubber Market to A Half-year High

    In the first half of 2022, the cis-butadiene rubber market showed a wide fluctuation and an overall upward trend, and it is currently at a high level for the year. The price of raw material butadiene has risen by more than half, and the cost-side support has been greatly strengthened; according t...
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  • Cosmestic Industry News

    Cosmetics New Raw Materials Have Added New Ones Recently, Chenopodium formosanum extract has been announced as a new raw material. This is the 6th new raw material that has been filed since the beginning of 2022. It has been less than half a month since the filing of the new raw material No. 0005...
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  • Company News New Product Glucono-delta-lactone

    New Product Glucono-delta-lactone Colorkem launched new Food Additive: Glucono-delta-lactone on 20th. July, 2022. Glucono-delta-lactone is abbreviated as lactone or GDL, and its molecular formula is C6Hl0O6. Toxicological tests have proved that it is a non-toxic edible substance. White crystal or...
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