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Essential Oil

  • Sandalwood Oil|8006-87-9

    Sandalwood Oil|8006-87-9

    Products Description Diuresis, paralysis isolated rabbit small intestine, rabbit ear skin irritation, treatment of epigastric pain, vomiting, drench, evil, appetizer, antiemetic reverse, treatment of abdominal pain, waist and kidney pain, heat swelling。   Application: Cosmetics Use: Mixing a few drops into your moisturizer or serum, or diluting it in a carrier oil to apply can provide major skincare benefits. Water Soluble fragrance oil for all your cosmetic making requirements. Air Fre...
  • Thymol|89-83-8


    Products Description Product Name Thymol CAS 89-83-8 Appearance White crystalline powder MF C10H14O Melting Point 48-51 °C Storage 2-8°C Structural Formula     Application: Control BEE mite, bactericidal, FungIcidal effect, Caries cavity has antisepsis, local anesthetic, used for disinfection of mouth, throat, dermatophytosis, radiomycosis and otitis.   Function: 1.Mainly used to prepare flavors such as cough syrup, peppermint chewing gum and spices. 2.Thymol ...
  • Osmanthus Oil|68917-05-5

    Osmanthus Oil|68917-05-5

    Products Description Osmanthus Fragrans is a flower native to China that is valued for its delicate fruity-floral apricot aroma. It is especially valued as an additive for tea Blends well with other beverages in the far east. he decent aroma of the oil is attracting quite a good amount of interest from Cosmetics & Perfumery Industries since past few years so as a result of the same the demand of the oil is also growing in sizable pace from the global market… Specification ...
  • D-Limonene|5989-27-5


    Products Description CAS No. 5989-27-5 Other Names D limonene MF C10H16 EINECS No. 227-813-5 Type Natural Flavour & Fragrances Plant Extract Usage Daily Flavor, Food Flavor, Industrial Flavor, Tobacco Flavor Purity 100% Product Name 100%pure D-limonene terpene concentrated perfume oils for sale Application Flavour & Fragrance Function personal care, edible, perfumes frances Usage Daily& Food &Industrial &Tobacco Flavor, perfumes frances Cert...
  • Alpha-Pinene|2437-95-8


    Products Description It is an important raw material for the synthesis of spices. It is mainly used for the synthesis of terpineol, linalool and some sandalwood fragrances. It can also be used for daily chemical products and other industrial products. It is also the raw material of synthetic lubricant, plasticizer, terpene resin, etc.   Package: 25 kgs/bag or as you request. Storage: Store at a ventilated, dry place. Standards executed: International Standard.
  • Patchouli Oil|84238-39-1 / 8014-09-3

    Patchouli Oil|84238-39-1 / 8014-09-3

    Products Description Patchouli is a very fragrant with soft oval leaves and square stems. It grows from 2 to 3 feet in height and provides an unusual odor that is nonetheless characteristic of patchouli when the leaves are rubbed. The color of the patchouli oil is affected by the distillation machine.   Application:  Using Patchouli Massage, It Can Help Regenerate New Cells and Improve Rough Skin, Acne, Skin Inflammation, Athlete’s Foot and Eczema. It Has Good Function of Diur...
  • Synthetic Camphor|76-22-2

    Synthetic Camphor|76-22-2

    Products Description This product is white crystalline powder or colorless translucent lump, add a small amount of ethanol, trichloromethane or ethyl ether, easy to grind into fine powder; A pungent smell, the beginning of the spicy, after the cool; Volatile at room temperature, black smoke and light flame occurs when burning. This product is easily dissolved in trichloromethane, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, fat oil or volatile oil, very slightly dissolved in water.   Applicatio...
  • Natural Camphor|76-22-2

    Natural Camphor|76-22-2

    Products Description Camphor is white crystalline powder or colorless transparent lumps, crude product is slightly yellow, there is light, easy volatile at room temperature, and fire test can occur with the smoke of burning red flame. If add a small amount of ethanol, ether and chloroform were easy to grind into powder. Early has permeability of special aroma, taste spicy and cool and refreshing. Natural Camphor, also called D-Camphor, White color crystal powder with the acrid and refrig...
  • Synthetic Borneol|507-70-0

    Synthetic Borneol|507-70-0

    Products Description Awakening, clearing heat and pain relief, used for fever god faint, convulsions, wind phlegm, convulsive phlegm fans, laryngeal numbness and tooth pain, oral sores and carbuncle, eye red   Package: 25 kgs/bag or as you request. Storage: Store at a ventilated, dry place. Standards executed: International Standard.
  • Natural Borneol|507-70-0

    Natural Borneol|507-70-0

    Products Description Natural Borneol, also name card brain, orange slice, Artemisia argyi slice, borneol, plum flower borneol, karbro, plum flower brain,borneol, plum ice, etc., is derived from the stems and leaves of Asteraceae aena fragrans or camphor camphor branches and leaves by steam distillation and recrystallization.   Application: Awakening, clearing heat and pain relief, used for fever god faint, convulsions, wind phlegm, convulsive phlegm fans, laryngeal numbness and toot...
  • Menthol | 8006-90-4

    Menthol | 8006-90-4

    Products Description Refreshing AND REFRESHING SKIN, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, refreshing the brain, eliminating fatigue, dispelling wind and STOMACH-strengthening, increasing appetite, inhibiting nerves, relieving itching and analgesia, relieving cough and desensitization, aromatic throat moistening and other effects.   Function: Menthol Powder is an ingredient extracted from the leaves of mint. Menthol can be used as a toothpaste, as a perfume, or as a flavoring agent i...
  • Citronella Oil| 8000-29-1

    Citronella Oil| 8000-29-1

    Products Description Citronella Essential Oil ceylon is obtained from the green and tall blades of Cymbopogon winterianus grass. In addition to helping with purifying the environment by warding off any microbial activity, it also helps in keeping mosquitoes away. We are one of the best Citronella Essential Oil Manufacturers in India and Bulk Wholesale Suppliers in the UK, USA, and the rest of the world. The diffusion of a few essential oils spreads a beautifully sweet, floral, fruity aro...
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