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Water Soluble Product

  • Pterostilbene |537-42-8

    Pterostilbene |537-42-8

    Product description: Function: 1. Pterostilbene as food and beverage ingredients. 2. Pterostilbene as healthy products ingredients. 3. Pterostilbene as nutrition supplements ingredients. 4. Pterostilbene as a health food and cosmetic ingredients Application: anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-cell proliferation, anti-inflammation, anti-bacteria, anti-lipid oxidation, immune regulation
  • Ellagic Acid |476-66-4

    Ellagic Acid |476-66-4

    Product description: Melting point ≥350 °C Density 1.667 Purity 99%       Sample Available delivery 7-15 days Uses Pesticide intermediates organic intermediate Pharmaceutical intermediate       Application: used in medicine and cosmetics, as an antioxidant, has anti-cancer and anti-virus effect
  • Nonivamide |2444-46-4

    Nonivamide |2444-46-4

    Basic Specification: Type Syntheses Material Intermediates Purity 99% Application for food and drink use Appearance white powder Molecular Weight 293.4 Melting point 293.4 Boiling point 200-210 °C Density 200-210 °C Flash point 190°C
  • Isoquercitrin |482-35-9

    Isoquercitrin |482-35-9

    Product Description: ISOProduct Name Isoquercetin 90%~98% Original Latin name Sophora Japonica L Used Part       flower Specs 90%~98% Odor Characteristic Particle size 100% pass through 80 mesh sieve Heavy metals(as Pb) <10ppm Arsenic(as AS2O3) <2ppm Total bacterial count Max.1000cfu/g Yeast & Mould Max.100cfu /g Escherichia coli presence Negative Salmonella Negative Isoquercitrin is extracted from many plants, It is a flavonoid, a...
  • Rutin |153-18-4

    Rutin |153-18-4

    Specification: Product Name Water Soluble Rutin Source Sophra Japonica Extract Odor Characteristic Specification 95% Appearance Yellow Powder MOQ 1kg Grade Food Grade Test methold UV HPLC Storage conditions Store in cool & dry place, Keep away from strong light and heat. Sample Available