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  • Peppermint Oil | 8006-90-4

    Peppermint Oil | 8006-90-4

    Products Description Peppermint, one of the largest spice plants, is cultivated in China. Peppermint oil is the important raw materials for medicine, candy, tobacco, alcohol, beverages and other industries. Our peppermint oil has high internal quality. The ratio of menthone and different menthone is more than 2, and the alcohol content of new peppermint is less than 3%. It is a colorless or pale yellow liquid with special cool scent and sharp taste at beginning then cold. It is can be mi...
  • Ethyl Vanillin | 121-32-4

    Ethyl Vanillin | 121-32-4

    Products Description Ethyl vanillin is the organic compound with the formula (C2H5O)(HO)C6H3CHO. This colourless solid consists of a benzene ring with hydroxyl, ethoxy, and formyl groups on the 4, 3, and 1 positions, respectively. Ethyl vanillin is a synthetic molecule, not found in nature. It is prepared via several steps from catechol, beginning with ethylation to give “guethol”. This ether condenses with glyoxylic acid to give the corresponding mandelic acid derivative , w...
  • Vanillin | 121-33-5

    Vanillin | 121-33-5

    Products Description COLORCOM vanillin is a technological and economical alternative to vanillin, specially designed for applications in high-temperature systems and bakery products. Used at the same dosage as vanillin, it provides stronger flavouring. Specification Item Stantard Appearance Powder Colour White Odor Has a sweet, milk and vanilla aroma Loss on Drying ≤2% Heavy metals ≤10ppm Arsenic ≤3ppm Total plate count ≤10000cfu/g
  • Menthol Crystal | 1490-04-6

    Menthol Crystal | 1490-04-6

    Products Description Menthol crystals are cooling, refreshing, and have a pleasantly strong minty aroma.Details: They are often used in cosmetics, salves, balms, medicated creams, throat lozenges, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, foot sprays, pain relief or cooling body products, shampoos, conditioners, liniments, shaving creams, oral or throat sprays, compresses, medicated oils, and cooling gels.Menthol crystals are excellent for use in these products to help relieve muscular aches and pains...
  • Vanilla


    Products Description Vanilla is a mixture consisting of vanillin, glucose and flavoring, blended by using scientific and novel method. It is water-solubility, with rich milk flavor, and can be used in bread, cakes, confectionary, ice-cream, beverages, dairy products, soybean milk and so on. Vanilla has a thick, fresh, milk flavor. It is perfectly applied as additive in food industry. It has an elegant flavor and good water-solubility. It can be directly used in cake, candy, ice-cream, be...