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  • Pigment Blue 27 | Milori Blue | Prussian Blue | 12240-15-2

    Pigment Blue 27 | Milori Blue | Prussian Blue | 12240-15-2

    International Equivalents: Milor Blue C.I. Pigment Blue 27 C.I. 77520 Prussian Blue Berlin Blue Miroli Blue PARIS BLUE PB27 Product Description: Dark blue powder, insoluble in water, ethanol and ether, soluble in acid and alkali. Bright color, strong tinting strength, high light fastness, no bleeding but weak alkali resistance. Which is used in large quantities in industries such as paints and printing inks without colour bleeding. In addition to being used only as a blue pigment,...
  • Optical Brightener EBF | 12224-41-8

    Optical Brightener EBF | 12224-41-8

    Product Description: Optical Brightener EBF is a light yellow powder with a bright blue fluorescent colour. Melting point 216~220 ℃. Miscible with water in any ratio. Hard water resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant. The fabric after short board with it is sunlight resistant, chlorine bleaching resistant and has better fastness to washing. Mainly used for the whitening of polyester with good sun fastness. Application: For whitening and brightening of all types of polyolefin pl...
  • Optical Brightener OB-1 | 1533-45-5

    Optical Brightener OB-1 | 1533-45-5

    Products Description: Optical Brightener OB-1 is a heat resistance and chemically stable fluorescent whitener that increases whiteness and provides brighter looking colors, with yellowish powder appearance and blue-white fluorescence. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, pure colour light, strong fluorescence and good whitening effect, and is suitable for the whitening and brightening of polyester, nylon fiber, polypropylene fiber, PVC, ABS, EVA, PP, PS, PC and hig...
  • Fiber Masterbatch

    Fiber Masterbatch

    Classification Fiber Masterbatch Classification White bamboo charcoal masterbatch Graphene masterbatch Far-infrared anion masterbatch Cool feeling masterbatch Black bamboo charcoal masterbatch Copper antibacterial masterbatch
  • Optical Brightener ER-III | 13001-40-6

    Optical Brightener ER-III | 13001-40-6

    Product Description: Optical Brightener ER-III is a fluorescent brightening agent for stilbene, which has the advantage of fast adsorption and low colour development temperature compared to ER-I. It is a good whitening agent for polyester , ethylic acid, nylon, especially for plastic. It could improve thermal stability when mix with ER-I, ER-II. Application: For all kinds of plastics, suitable for PVC, PA and PE. Synonyms: Fluorescent Brightener ER-III 199:2; C.I. 199:2; FBA 19...
  • Optical Brightener ER-II | 13001-38-2

    Optical Brightener ER-II | 13001-38-2

    Product Description: Optical Brightener ER-II is a fluorescent brightening agent for stilbene, with a light yellow powder appearance and a blue-violet fluorescent colour. It has good low temperature colouring ability and is suitable for dip-dyeing and roll-dyeing. Application: For all kinds of plastics, dedicated to polyester fibre printing and dyeing grinding. Synonyms: FBA 199:1; C.I. 199:1 Product Details: Product Name Optical Brightener ER-II C.I. 199:1 ...
  • Optical Brightener ER-I | 13001-39-3

    Optical Brightener ER-I | 13001-39-3

    Product Details: Product Name Optical Brightener ER-I C.I. 199 CAS NO. 13001-39-3 Molecular Formula C24H16N2 Moleclar Weight 332.4 Appearance Yellowish green crystal powder Melting Point 229-232℃ Product Advantage: It has high whitening brightening effect and excellent fastness to sublimation. Packaging: In 25kg drums (cardboard drums), lined with plastic bags or according to customer’s requirements.
  • Optical Brightener KSB | 1087737-53-8

    Optical Brightener KSB | 1087737-53-8

    Products Description: Optical Brightener KSB mainly used for whitening and blowing of synthetic fibers and plastic products, and it has excellent drawing effect. Less dosage, good fluorescence intensity and high whiteness. Application: Used in plastic products, especially EVA and PE form products. Synonyms: Fluorescent Brightener 369; C.I. 369; Telaux KSB Product Details: Product Name Optical Brightener KSB C.I. 369 CAS NO. 1087737-53-8 Molecular For...
  • Optical Brightener KCB | 5089-22-5

    Optical Brightener KCB | 5089-22-5

    Products Description: Optical Brightener KCB is an improved substitute of current widely used various optical brighteners. It’s extremely effective in brightening and present blue optical light when mixed in synthetic fiber and plastics. It significantly increases the gorgeous effect on colored plastic products. Application: It is widely used in EVA and it is the first choice of fluorescent whitening agent for sports shoes, and it’s the also widely used in PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS plas...
  • Optical Brightener KSN | 5242-49-9

    Optical Brightener KSN | 5242-49-9

    Products Description: Optical brightener KSN and OB-1 has a similar chemical structure, but the whitening effect on polyester fibres and plastic products is better than OB-1, and the solubility of plastics is better than OB-1, a small amount can produce a very good whitening effect, which is far less than OB-1. Application: Widely used for whitening and brightening of various plastics; especially suitable for high temperature nylon plastics and engineering plastics. Synonyms: ...
  • Optical Brightener PF | 12224-12-3

    Optical Brightener PF | 12224-12-3

    Products Description: Optical Brightener PF is a well-dispersed, milky white paste that is neutral. It is a non-ionic compound. Melting point 182-188 ℃. Insoluble in water, soluble in DMF and ethanol, resistant to acids up to pH=2-3 and bases up to pH=10. Resistant to hard water up to 5×10-4. Resistant to hard water up to 5 x 10-4. Optimum dyeing temperature 150 °C (in a neutral or weakly alkaline bath), resistant to baking at 180-200 °C. Its slurry and dilutions are not sensitive to li...
  • Optical Brightener FP-127 |40470-68-6

    Optical Brightener FP-127 |40470-68-6

    Products Description: Optical Brightener FP-127 is a fluorescent brightening agent for stilbene, with the appearance of light yellow powder and blue-violet fluorescence. It has the characteristics of good compatibility, good light resistance, good thermal stability and good whitening effect, as well as pure colour and light, acid and alkali resistance. It is suitable for thermoplastics, synthetic fibres, paints and inks, especially for the whitening and brightening of polyvinyl chloride...
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