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  • Boscalid |188425-85-6

    Boscalid |188425-85-6

    Product Specification: Item Boscalid Content ≥99% Density 1.381g/cm3 Boiling Point 447.7±45.0 °C Refractive Index 80.6±0.0 °C LogP 4.310 (est) Product Description: Acetamiprid is a kind of nicotinamide fungicide, the fungicide spectrum is wide, with preventive effect, almost all types of fungal diseases have activity, for the prevention and control of powdery mildew, gray mold, root rot, botrytis and a variety of rot and other Chemicalbook is very effective, is not e...
  • Dimethoate | 60-51-5

    Dimethoate | 60-51-5

    Product Specification: Item Specification 1 Specification 2 Assay 98%,98.5% 40% Formulation TC EC Product Description: Dimethoate is a common organophosphorus pesticide. Easily absorbed by plants and transported to the whole plant, it is more stable in acidic solution and rapidly hydrolyzed in alkaline solution, so it cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides. Application: 1. Dimethoate is a highly efficient broad-spectrum insecticide and acaricide with touch and syste...
  • Amitraz | 33089-61-1

    Amitraz | 33089-61-1

    Product Specification: Item Amitraz Technical Grades(%) 98 Effective concentration(%) 12.5, 20 Product Description: Amitraz is a formamidine acaricide with colourless needle-like crystals. It is effective against eggs, mites and adult mites and is used as an agricultural and livestock acaricide. Application: (1) This product is a broad-spectrum acaricide. It is mainly used on fruit trees, flowers, strawberries and other agricultural and horticultural crops...
  • Ethyl Chloroformate | 541-41-3

    Ethyl Chloroformate | 541-41-3

    Product Specification: Specification for Glyphosate 95% Tech: Technical specifications Tolerance Appearance White Powder Active Ingredient Content 95% min Loss On Drying 1.0% max Formaldehyde 1.3g/kg max N-Nitro Glyphosate 1.0mg/kg max Insolubles In NaOH 0.2g/kg max   Specification for Glyphosate 62% IPA SL: Technical specifications Tolerance Appearance Colorless or yellowish liquid Active Ingredient Content 62.0%(+2,-1) m/m...