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Functional Red Yeast Rice Monacolin K 0.2 %

Functional Red Yeast Rice Monacolin K 0.2 %

  • Common Name: Monascus purpureus
  • Category: Biological Fermentation
  • CAS No.: None
  • Appearance: Red Fine Powder
  • Molecular Formula: None
  • Qty in 20' FCL: 9000 kgs
  • Min. Order: 25 kgs
  • Brand Name: Colorcom
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Product Specification: 1. Red Yeast Rice 0.2%~5% Monacolin K
  • : 2. Water soluble Red Yeast Rice 01%~3% Monacolin K
  • : 3. Oat Red Yeast Rice 0.2%~1% Monacolin K
  • : 4. Gynostemma Red Yeast Rice 0.2%~1% Monacolin K
  • : 5. Dendrobium Red Yeast Rice 0.2%~1% Monacolin K
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    Product Specification:

    Red Yeast Rice Extract Powder is a traditional Chinese medicine and food, which has been used for thousands of years in China. It is made of early rice by fermentation and processing, and most of the powder is red or dark red. It is not only used for coloring food, but also can be used to make rice fish with red yeast rice. Red Yeast Rice Extract Powder is widely used in the coloring of soy sauce meat products, sausage, seasoning, sufu, etc. Moreover, the powder is safe, non-toxic, and has health care function. The coloring cost is not high and the use is pretty convenient.


    Application: Health Food, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.


    Package: 25 kgs/bag or as you request.

    Storage: Store at a ventilated, dry place.

    Standards Executed: International Standard.

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